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“Our Philosophy Is To Satisfy The Needs Of Our Clients Through The Building Of Successful Relationships And Collaboration, In A Friendly And Professional Way.”

Cullen Construction Ltd

Building Consultants & Apartment Interior Designers

The managing director of Cullen Construction Ltd, Liam Cullen grew up in a family of interior designers, that prioritised building, carpentry and joinery. The company is known for having excellent apartment interior designers. Liam managed to set up Cullen Construction Ltd because of his hands-on experience in the industry for a period of over ten years. This is what propelled his carpentry and joinery company to grow rapidly throughout London and Essex. With their in depth knowledge as building consultants, It has been successful in creating a good reputation of quality, reliability and honesty. It has been able to display these values regardless of the scope of work that it undertakes.

A family run company based in London and Essex

Therefore, it is no secret that Cullen Construction Ltd has established long-term fruitful relationships with all its customers within London and Essex. The team has a family culture and always toils to deliver nothing less than the best standards.

It is vital for us to maintain very high standards of service regardless of the kind of work we are undertaking, this includes:

  • Altering a building
  • Extending a building
  • Refurbishing a building
  • Building consultants

Interior designers that ensure that you always have an excellent finish

There is an array of services that are offered by Cullen Construction Ltd and this traverse the entire spectrum of construction. The company can provide the necessary support with regard to managing all aspects of building work. This means that these building consultants can diligently plan your construction project from inception and interior designer stage, all the way to the completion stage. This is inclusive of application, preparation and the building plans. The carpentry and joinery company ensures full compliance with all UK’s building regulations as well as approvals. Cullen Construction Ltd has a competent team with the best certifications in their industry. In addition, they are fully insured and possess CSCS health & safety cards.


Cullen Construction Ltd has a land and planning team that is very dedicated to undertaking the following:

  • Site assessment
  • Scheme development
  • Pre-application
  • Scheme refinement
  • Full application forsites

Our initial steps are comprehensive enough to give us the required confidence with regard to purchasing sites prior to planning. This is because our building consultants are aware of the local planning and believe in our expertise. Thanks to these factors, we are always assured of achieving a planning outcome that is successful and positive.

We are aware of the reality of challenges when planning a site is concerned. Nonetheless, we are still able to achieve the correct planning outcome by:

  • Applying the correct level of project management.
  • Balancing many conflicting requirements that are sometimes in conflict with each other.

The best part is that we are able to achieve this while maintaining an end product that is exceptional in the eyes of the client. We are available across Essex and London, thus can work in any site in the region. We are always excited to work in all sites that we feel we can impart value addition via planning enhancement. If the local area benefits from our work, the better.


Our interior designers always go the extra mile to surpass other London and Essex interior designer agencies. This is because our work exhibits refined interior touches, finishes of very high class as well as superior product offerings. All these exceed the finishes that a new standard home would have. This is how we always deliver on our unwavering commitment to excellence.

We ensure that all of our clients’ homes are designed in an innovative and appropriate manner by collaborating with leading suppliers in the industry. This is characterised by intricate detailing as well as very unique features if the need arises.

Every property that our able residential and apartment interior designers handle indicate our attention to detail through:

  • The choice of colour combinations
  • The choice of textures
  • The quality of materials

This is seen in bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor spaces, bathrooms and the kitchen. Several homes that we deal with are enhanced using product offerings such as luxurious bathrooms, designer kitchens, floating staircases, bespoke carpentry and parquet flooring. You can be assured that if its an apartment interior designers you are looking for, Cullen Construction Ltd is the right choice for you.


Cullen Construction Ltd have technical teams and in-house planning teams work in tandem to effectively manage the entire building process from start to finish. We can control all aspects of the procurement and construction process with incredible attention to detail because we have a partnered contractor. Our policy is to have full financial transparency so as to optimise the value of all developments. In addition, this assists us in the management of our supply chain in a manner that is collaborative and fair.

We are highly effective building consultants with regard to project delivery and time management. The integrated approach we use provides a good head-start as it significantly decreases procurement times. Therefore, we are able to start work on site much earlier compared to if we would have used the services of another contractor. This saves months of planning, consent and beginning work on site. Partnered contractors eliminate lengthy tender processes ad facilitates a responsive approach to product changes as well as to the end user!

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